Supremacy Films is based in Atlanta, GA. Supremacy Films is a full-fledged Production company, which develops media, ranging from Film & Television, to Music Videos & Documentaries. From creation to completion, Supremacy Films handles all aspects of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Additionally, Supremacy Films works in many genres of film; Horror, Comedy, Suspense, Thriller, Action and Romantic Comedy.  We specializes in the development, packaging, financing and production of independent films.

Supremacy Films is a company which aims to set new plateaus in the Entertainment Industry. Supremacy Films is an innovative company, whose wide range of expressive material, will not only garner much success, but also establish Supremacy as a lasting brand in this Industry.

Since their inception in September 2009, Supremacy Films has been on a steady rise, with a number of television, music video and films projects, in development. In fall 2010, Supremacy Films will release their pioneering film project, entitled “Eros”, a taut Suspense Thriller, centered on a serial killer’s quest to preserve Love.

Errol Sadler, the pioneer of Supremacy Films, aims to create uplifting and entertainment medias through the use of storytelling.

“He is a Visionar, a cut above the rest. His time is now, and I’m glad to say I know him Personally.” – Chet Brewster- Director “Kings of Comedy Tour”, Madea Goes to Jail DVD”, Why did I get Married DVD”, “Queen of Comedy Tour”, “Paul Mooney God Father of Comedy”

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